Hi, I had posted about this problem in the past and I thought it was resolved. This is in a vacation home that I hadn't been to for a couple of months. I have a circuit that runs to an outlet (GFI) on the exterior of the house, then to a shed (light fixture and GFI outlet) and then to two outdoor (exposed) outlets (GFI) in outdoor rated boxes. I was having trouble with the outlet in the shed tripping UNTIL I ran the two downline outlets from the line side of the existing outlet in the shed. Everything worked fine for a long time. Most recently, I see that the circuit breaker has tripped in the main box and it will not reset nor can I reset any of the GFI's on the circuit. How should I trouble shoot this? I was going to begin at the most downline GFI...disconnect it and try to reset the main circuit. I was then going to work my way methodically inward until I found where the culprit was and deal with a bad outlet/short/etc. Any other ideas? I'm pretty sure I'm going to get rid of all the GFI's EXCEPT for the first one. Even though they're not "daisy-chained", I think they create problems when they're all on the same circuit. Thanks for any advice.