I could use some good recommendations on the easiest way to remove a section of old cast iron pipe. It is the 45 degree section circled in the picture below. The pipe looks to be either 1 1/2" or 2". It goes into a 4" section with appears to be soldiered with lead so I didn't want to disturb that piece. If I can remove the 45 degree elbow I should be good to go.

Should I heat the pipe up with a torch and try to unscrew it, or just cut the entire piece off with a reciprocating saw? I was told that these blades (http://www.amazon.com/LENOX-9114G-Ti...R#brandRatings) cut through case iron rather easily so that wouldn't be an issue. Once I start working on this I am committed to finish it because the pipe goes to my sump pump which I am replacing, so the least amount of time taking this apart the better. Which would be the best way to remove this 45 degree elbow? Thanks.