My wife and I recently purchased a new home. Things are going great, except for one problem, the noise our water heater venting pipe makes.

We have a gas water heater, which is in the middle of our basement. Unit is just a few years old. There is a motor on top of the water heart, which is used to help vent the system. The heater forces the air through a PVC pipe, which vents out the side of our home. The pipes travel directly under our master bath. I would say the pipe is about 60 feet.

While the system is on, the PVC pipe makes a very loud clicking noise, which seems to happen every few seconds. The problem continues to occur, even when the unit is off.

I tried securing the pipe to the floor joists, but it continues to make a banging sound. Tried putting some insulation on the outside vent, but the problem continues.

Before I call a plumber or HVAC spe******t, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

The noise is driving us crazy!!

Thanks so much!!

CT Ryan