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    Default Stairway guardrails

    I plan on adding a handrail to the lower portion of a split-level stairway, and the upper portion has a wrought iron guard rail. I was thinking about replacing the guard rail with wood, but in shopping for materials it looks like the only systems available have ballisters that run down to the steps, however the wrought iron railing only has ballisters that run between two rails. Have the codes changed since the original installation, or is it still acceptable to have a guard rail with ballisters running between two railings? In Montgomery county, Ohio.
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    Default Re: Stairway guardrails

    While it's true that codes do chance from time to time, your questions can best be answered by checking with your local building department. We are not the most reliable source for your particular case, as codes vary from place to place.

    Visit your friendly bldg dept office or search on line.

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