just had a 42 inch flatpanel tv fixed, new power supply, once i got it back we used it to replace the tv in the bedroom. the old tv was a tube type from about 10 years ago, now that the flatpanel is plugged in and turned on it trips the gfi outlet in the kitched. the circuits are not shared in any way, couple years ago had 200 amp service brought into the house and kitchen rewired, the old 60 amp box is used as a big junction box of sorts so the whole house didnt get rewired. trying to figure this thing out but the only thing the bedroom outlet and kitchen outlets have in common is the neutral bar in the breaker box. kitchen is on its own breakers and is the bedroom. have taken the front of the panel off and checked the grounds a neutral screws, im assuming next would be to head into the attic and start inspectiong all plices