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    Default Porch Columns at Home Depot?

    Hi Guys, I have an old house with about 10 tapered columns that hold up the porch roof.

    They are currently rotting at the bottom.Recently while I was at Home Depot I noticed they sell fiberglass or pvc style columns that look similar to mine.

    Does anyone have any experience buying these at Home Depot? if not, can you recommend a good resource?

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    Default Re: Porch Columns at Home Depot?

    I can recommend the columns, but not from Evil Orange.

    Go to a door and millwork supplier, they will have the columns you are looking for. The great benefits to fiber/resin columns are that they are both rot resistant and structural. They also take and hold paint very well.
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    Default Re: Porch Columns at Home Depot?

    I agree, my wooden columns are showing rust because of improper installation originally over 10 yrs ago. Go with a millwork supplier.

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