We're out in Northern, Ca in a 100 year old 3000 sq. ft house. Started hearing a gurgling a few weeks back. Called a plumber out Friday when the downstairs toilet backed up and overflowed. We have no clean out that can be found. He was able to get a camera in the pipes near our kitchen and identified where the back up was under our deck. Our home warranty of course wouldn't cover the repair because it wasn't under the foundation of the house. The nice plumber laid out a broom handle over the top of where the problem was in the direction of the pipe and said it was only 18 inches deep. He told me it would be 4inch cast. So,yesterday hubby started digging, he dug and dug, not only did we not find anything in lying in that direction when we finally got down deep enough it appears there is a clay pipe going straight down into the ground, almost like we found the top. The way we found it was to continue digging until we found a puddle of water. We are so confused. The plumber laid out a diagram for us and made it seem like it would be easy to fix this but it's turning out to be anything but easy.