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    We have a big hillside on the side and front of the house we just bought that is all grass and that we want to landscape. We want to do several levels, but there is a well vent (?) near the top of the hill and we're not sure how close below it we can dig to put in a retaining wall. We would want to dig down maybe 3 feet.

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    before you do any digging in your yard make sure to call "Dig Safe" to mark out any utilities that might be buried underground throughout your yard. They do it for free.

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    After you get the OK to dig, make your plans. You can get ideas from a few sources: other properties in the area, landscape supply shops, contractors and even the internet (look for terraced landscape).

    Choose plants that are native to your area and if you need to bring irrigation lines, make sure you do it before planting.

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