Hi all,

I'm having a tough time getting service providers to help me understand the differences between types of modern metal roofing- I've been quoted for two types, type 1 is a 29G "G-rib" and type 2 a 26G "Standing Seam". Standing seam is fully 150% the cost of G-rib.

From what I can tell standing seam used to be the clear winner in terms of seal quality because the fasteners were literally seamed into the panels and protected from the elements using a heavy and expensive machine. However, new systems *may* omit that machine by using a snap-lock system under what is essentially a pre-formed "seam".

Given that modern fastener techniques (self tapping hw and sealants) are pretty robust, is there really a rationale for the extra 50% in cost? Is there an in-between product that I should be considering?

FWIW application is a steeply pitched roof on a mountain cabin in western WV that can expect 180" or more snow/season. It currently has a tired and leaky cedar shake roof and the only permitted materials by the community are real/artificial shake or metal. Its slightly more to use cedar than standing seam and another step up to use artificial "Eco-star" cedar.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!