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    I have an existing patio with a pergola that has three original concrete sections that were separated with redwood 2X4s. The original slabs are not at the same level and the 2X4s need replacement. Also the two original slabs that are not at the same level need to be drainage sloped to match the original slab that ends with a strip drain down the middle of the original and new slabs. All of the original slabs need to be to be sealed with a decorative finish as well as additional slabs that have just been installed. The question is how to proceed.

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    The cheapest will be to remove the wood expansion joints and install colored mortar in it's place and live with the out of level slabs.

    Next option would be to replace the slabs, which would likely be cheaper than "jacking" them, which is done by pumping concrete under the slab to raise it. Consult with local concrete companies for replacement vs jacking costs.

    If the slabs have moved due to the weight of the pergola, then you need to address the footings of the pergola to carry the weight and get it off the slabs.
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    How long do you intend to live in this house? If long enough:

    First remove the wood. Upgrade the footing for the pergola, if necessary. Cut away the concrete, then pour new concrete, sloped correctly.

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