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    Question Correct Backfeed Breaker?

    I'm in the process of buying a new generator (http://www.generac.com/Portables/LP5500/). I have a Square D load center (HOM20M100C). I will be using a back-feed kit (square d # HOMCRBGK1). The problem I'm having is I can't locate which is the correct back feed breaker to use. I called Square D and they told me to use a 40 amp breaker, but that doesn't make sense. The generator has 5500 watts running watts, and 6875 starting watts. He said that would be around 28 amps. So wouldn't I use a 30 amp breaker? Square D said it was 'too close' for a 30 amp breaker and it would trip all the time, but if it's pulling 28 amps and I use a 40 amp breaker, wouldn't that be too high (and effectively like not having a breaker at all)? I'm confused
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