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    Can I install laminate flooring over my existing bathroom floor tiles? I would like to change the floor in my bathroom. It has small, 4 x 4" tiles now. I am trying to spare myself the task of scraping up all tiles and all the prep work involved. Thanks for any helpful hints.

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    If you don't pull the tile, you will likely have height issues with the toilet and door.

    There are those who suggest not putting hardwood in a bathroom due to water damage from surface splashes and plumbing leaks. If you are prepared to deal with those issues, then proceed.
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    Tile is the best floor for bathrooms. If you can't stand your tile now, replace it with another tile design, but remove the old tile first.

    If you want to install laminate over tile in your bathroom, you will have the height and moisture problems as mentioned by Spruce.

    If you don't want to spend a little money to do it correctly now - you will spend a lot of money later (to correct your mistakes).

    Your choice.

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