Hi All,

Last week I had a new staircase put into my home providing access from the 1st to 2nd floor of the house.

Beneath the old staircase was a wall that divided my living room from the basement staircase but the wall was old and not supported properly (would sway if leaned on) so we took it down during the removal of the old staircase).

Now that we have the new staircase we also have a large space with no wall and i am trying to build up a new one so it will align properly with the staircase, but i have never framed a wall along the underside of a staircase before and I have some questions i am hoping can be answered.

1). What would I screw the frame header into? I am a bit concerned about using the stair stringer as it may split (or maybe I ma being paranoid).
2). As you can see in Pic #2 the frame of the stringer does not go straight up the side from floor to ceiling, it turns in around the 7th or 8th riser and the frame may not be flush going from floor to ceiling.

As I said i never built a wall frame for a staircase and have no ideas here on how a wall should look for a staircase like mine so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: I paid enough for the stairs, so doing this on my own would be key if I can :-)


Pictures below: (remove the * from http below)