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    Question Big hole in wall

    I have a baseball size hole in my wall. How can it be fixed?

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    Default Re: Big hole in wall

    What is the wall made of? Sheetrock, plaster, etc.

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    That's the price you pay for playing baseball inside the house...

    If the hole is in drywall, follow these easy steps:

    1. cut a larger square around the hole.
    2. insert a piece of 1x2 strip for backing and secure it with a couple of drywall screws to the existing wall.
    3. cut a square piece of drywall - the same size as your square hole.
    4. place it in the hole and secure with a screw into the 1x2 backing.
    5. tape around it, then use joint compound to fill in.
    6. continue by sanding when dry. If you need more 'mud', add it now.
    7. let it dry and sand.
    8. prime and paint.

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    I agree with dj1 but I would go from stud to stud in the wall and screw the drywall to the studs and put a backer board in the middle for a little extra support. My 2 cents

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