Just bought an old farmhouse in NW Ohio. The only heat source is currently a wood stove in the front room. No furnace or duct work. It is a 1.5 story approx. 1400 sq. ft. We are gutting the walls down to studs. The bathroom, kitchen, & utility are approx. 6" above a slab. The remainder lower level has a crawl space. With exception of the bathroom, we are installing wood laminate flooring throughout the lower level and trying to restore hard wood floors on the upper level.

We are looking into an outside wood boiler with radiant floor heat. My fiance keeps hearing negative responses to this and changes his mind. I am liking how efficient they are supposed to be. The fact that there will be less dust (son with allergies & asthma). And the comfort difference I hear about.

We would love to do geothermal (8 acres of land) but can't afford the price of installation.

His arguments for forced air being a better choice...

1) If there were to be a problem with pipe (PEX) in floor on the slab portion... we will have to tear up floors to repair.

2) He gets opposite opinions from others as far as efficiency and cost effectiveness vs. forced air. Still using outside wood burner.

3) More expensive to install than forced air.

4) Takes to long for radiant floors to heat up. During spring & fall months when it is turned off during daylight hours.

5) How do we cool in summer time?? Do we still have an added expense of putting central air & duct work in? Some say it's still worth it to install both. Are there other cooling options? The heat can be miserable in this location during summer months. This is the big question I am stumped on.. have no solution to back my opinion on going with radiant floor

Any help, recommendations, experience.. would be greatly appreciated!