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    I think I painted over oil paint with an alkyd, now, some years later parts are beginning to peel, how can I fix this without having to sand it all down - it is a very large area of stairs, trim etc., is there anything I can cover it with?

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    There are some filling primers that help to fill rough "alligatoring" paint or places where the paint has chipped. But if the paint didn't bond well with the layer beneath it then anything you paint over top will come off with the paint below. Paint and primer are only as good as the substrate they're painted on.

    Sounds to me like re-sanding and priming before painting again I'm sorry to say.

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    Yes...unfortunately...the sandpaper must come out here!

    Sorta like auto-body rust repair here-
    Unless the rust (lifting paint in THIS case) is fully sanded-out, treated, filled/primed...the rust WILL come back...


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