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    Default garage-converted-living area (musty)

    Hello everyone.

    I'm currently residing in this living space converted from a garage at my uncle's place. I've been here long enough that the mustyness and thickness of the air, i'm already used too. But, when I come home, it's that brief 5 seconds while opening the door that reminds me that I have to fix this.

    I'd like to note some things:
    -two water heaters down here
    -tile floor over the concrete
    -has full bathroom and sink installed (albeit 2 decades ago)
    -VERY slow water leak under sink pipe(1 week of sink use = less than 1/2 cup of water)
    -noticed the behind the sink pipes, there's covering into the actual ground. I see dirt and soil. Like a car with no firewall
    -3 basement like windows (only when they're open does it feel fresh in here, but it's winter)

    That's about it. My i'm going to use a humidifier in the meantime, but i'd like to fix the source problem. Thanks in advance.

    Keep in mind, broke college student posting so, please no huge overhaul suggestions.
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