Hi guys

Every year Denver water comes by and "cleans" out the sewers. Not sure what they do on their end. Every year I have problems with this issue.

I have a drain in the basement that is used in case the hot water heater leaks. It works fine regardless how much water I run down the drain either from the kitchen just directly above, or pour down the drain in the floor.

Every year, the water guys come and over the next day or two I end up with water problems. If I run my dishwasher, or let a sink of water drain, the water backs up into the basement from this drain. I don't have a snake long enough so I end up calling a professional plumber. This year I just can't afford it. Of course my conversations with Denver water in the past have lead me nowhere. They claim that because it is on the line to my house it is my responsibility and they won't do anything. They claim that the water has been backing up for months and I just now realize it.

I need advice on what I can do to either clear the drain myself or what I can tell Denver water to make them fix the problem they created.