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    Default Transition from bathroom to hallway

    I've been going through my new (to me) home and installing transitions. The home was a foreclosure and it looks like alot of things were left half done, one of the major ones being alot of the doorways missing transitions. The one that has me stymied is the transition from the bathroom tile to the wood laminate in the hallway. The problem is that there is not much of a gap under the door because of the tile and concrete subfloor that was laid for the tile. The only transition I've found that will fit in the little space that's there is a metal carpet strip/transition. The problem with that aside from the appearance not being great is that it is a good 1/2 inch (slightly more actually) difference from the tile down to the laminate, and I haven't found a strip that is designed to go down that much. Every one I've looked at will only go down about half of that and not actually reach the laminate. I can take pictures later if it would help with understanding the situation.

    Any ideas/help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    I do consider planing the bottom of the door an option, but I'd prefer to avoid it if I could. The home has all of the original solid hardwood doors from when it was originally built and I'd like to avoid changing them if I can.
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