My condo is in a converted apartment building built in the 50s. When I had the place inspected before I bought it, they told me I had silver wiring. There were also a few problems with the polarity being reversed in some outlets. The few overhead lights I have are old and kind of scary looking. One of them dims whenever I turn on the hairdryer. I can't use an electric radiator in my bedroom because it trips the circuit breaker. I want to get the light fixtures updated and the outlets fixed and maybe one or 2 new ones added.

My first question is, should I have the silver wire replaced? The inspector made it sound like it was a bad thing, but from what I've read ******, silver is a better conductor than copper but isn't usually used in residences because of the cost.

Second, if I do need to have the whole condo rewired, how much should I expect to pay? The whole condo is under 600 square feet and I live in the Boston, MA area.