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    Default sealing butcherblock

    i'm making a maple butcher block counter for on top of a dishwasher, and was wondering:
    i will be sealing the top & edges with mineral oil, but would it be better to seal the underside with poly?
    i was thinking that might work better for keeping moisture from the steam out.
    also remember that the top & edges can get regular mainenance coats of oil, but the underside will not be accessible.

    would the 2 different types of sealing create other problems?


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    Default Re: sealing butcherblock

    You can simply use the same mineral oil on the bottom side too. BTW, use only mineral oil rated for food.

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    Default Re: sealing butcherblock

    Agreed, I'd do what dj1 says too. Use food grade mineral oil all around.

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    Default Re: sealing butcherblock

    Problem being that mineral oil evaporates, leaving the bottom bare. Mineral oil isn't waterproof anyway, so it's the same as no finish at all. In any case the bottom and top will be equal, but they may not have equal inputs of moisture; DW's put off a lot of steam.
    I used salad bowl finish on my butcher block tabletop, it's a very thin food-safe varnish; with tabletop use 4 coats has held up pretty well for 6 years plus. Of course, I don't cut or chop on it.
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