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    Default siding on siding

    Is it acceptable to put vinyl or steel siding over cedar siding or is it better to remove the old? The existing siding does not have any dry rot. I have had two different opinions

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    Default Re: siding on siding

    In most cases it will better to remove. Why? because:

    1. By removing, you'll have a chance to review what's under the exterior, then make corrections, if needed. Believe me, you'll find deficiencies.

    2. You will also be able to make various upgrades.

    3. It will be easier to apply a new exterior and it will look better.

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    Default Re: siding on siding

    dj is 100% correct but to add one thing. when you install vinyl or aluminum over existing siding you begin to lose some of the details around windows, doors, etc. i've seen j-channel extend out beyond the window trim and it looks terrible.

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    Default Re: siding on siding

    both dj and casey are right. the other thing is you cant address and water damage to the sheathing and framing and correct the source of the leak by simply going over it.
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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