Remodeling an old house and converting it back to a single family after close to 70 years as a dual family unit. The house is gutted and I've stressed and stressed over the stairway position. I've come down to putting the staircase back where it was originally...the problem is I don't think I can get the stairway to code with the short span I have to work with. My local code states the following:
risers may not exceed 8 inches, treads shall have minimum tread depth of 9",
The winder treads shall have a minimum tread depth of 7 inches measured at a point12 inches from the narrow end of the tread. b. The depth of the immediately adjoining winder treads shall be equal at a point 12 inches from the narrow end.
'Individual winder treads.' a. An individual winder tread may be placed between rectangular treads or at the end of a flight of rectangular treads provided the tread depth, measured at a point 12 inches from the narrow end, is equal to the tread depth of the rectangular steps in the flight. b. There may be more than one individual winder tread in a stairway or in a flight of stairs. All staircases must be 36" Wide

I have no idea how to calculate winding treads and I'm feeling kind of silly for not being able to figure this out. Here's a diagram of the floor opening that was originally in the house. The distance between the first floor and the floor of the second floor is approx 9'1"

any help would be great....thanks