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    Default Crown Molding on Cabinets

    I installed my cabinets level, but when I went to install crown molding at the top, I found that my ceiling was not level, as I had a gap at one end, while the other end makes contact with the ceiling. What is the best way to fix this problem? I tried putting a piece of the same stained wood on top of the cabinet where the gap was and then putting the molding all the way to the ceiling, but it doesn't quite look right. How is this situation usually dealt with? I have to go against the ceiling with the molding, as i have taller cabinets and only an 8' ceiling.

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    Default Re: Crown Molding on Cabinets

    Unfortunately, any trim you put in there will exacerbate the problem. You either have the gap or you have a straight edge (top of doors ) against an angled edge (trim ). I would be inclined to either caulk the gap or fill it with drywall compound and paint it, depending on how severe it is.
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    Default Re: Crown Molding on Cabinets

    How big is the gap and how many linear feet are the cabinets?

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