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Thread: Toilet Rough In

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    I have just purchased a new house I will be complete redoing the bathroom it has pink tile from the 50's. And will be replacing it with bead board this is going to add almost 2 inches behind the toilet. We have not remove the toilet yet but my question is if its a 12inch rough in now. I know they make 14inch rough in toilets but I have not been able to find one that we need elongated ADA height.Is there someway to extend the flange without having to complete redo it. The house has a concrete foundation.

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    If you cant find one then just use a standard toilet. I normally rough in my flanges at 13" any way. I started doing this years ago when alot of people were using wall paper. you would set the lid on the tank and it would scratch the paper behind toilet.

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    I believe that if you are adding 2" to the space behind the toilet then you would need to be moving in the other direction. The flange will now be closer to the finished wall. 10" rough. 10-12-14" rough in means the rough in distance( center of flange to stud wall) with the expectation of 1/2" sheetrock (included in this number). Anything more than 1/2" may cause the toilet not to fit. Try Toto toilets.


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