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    Question How can I secure double slider windows?

    I recently purchased a home. The previous owner had vinyl windows installed throughout the house. In the bedrooms the windows are double horizontal sliders. During the spring, summer and fall I like to keep windows open for ventilation and cooling. However, since both windows open, I canít figure a way to leave a window open a crack and still keep my house secure from a wayward intruder. Anyone have any advice?

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    Default Re: How can I secure double slider windows?

    There are various mechanical locks on the market. Just google 'window slider lock' or visit a big store. I use locks like these, they run 2 for a dollar. They're good for sliding patio doors too.

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    Default Re: How can I secure double slider windows?

    I put a hole large enough for a good sized nail in the header track at various points to control how far the window will slide.

    You might also verify if the sliding window can be lifted out and put screws in the header to prevent that. Anyone with a pry bar can pop out a window or door to gain access.

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