Hi Everyone,

This is my first thread love watching TOH.

Just bought my first home its a 1964 rancher and I've been having some questions about plumbing.

I was trying to turn on the valve that controls the outdoor garden spickets, the shut off, but I am having trouble finding it and the copper pipes in the house aren't exactly brand new. Lots of the valves have some corrosion (i'd post a picture but it wouldn't let me) so I don't want to keep trying them all. One actually developed a tiny leak that's barely noticeable when I tried to open it.

Anyway, there is a stop and waste valve (actually almost all the shut offs are stop and waste besides the zone controls for the boiler) at the main water shutoff that shuts off water to the whole house down in the basement. I closed the main indoor water shutoff valve when I saw the leak at the other valve I was trying, and now I am afraid to turn the water shut off valve all the way open again.

It being a stop valve, is it okay to leave it half way open, I don't want to damage the pipes or develop leaks elsewhere.

I am getting in contact with the original owner he said it's somewhere above the drop ceiling the basement bathroom.

The basement was finished years ago and access to most of the shut off valves is above the shower in the basement, so they are a little tricky to get to through the drop ceiling. I've been looking there for the outdoor shut off.

Hope someone can throw me a bone here. Thanks!