When we moved into our 1 1/2 story Cape Cod, we asked our contractor to build a closet into one of the upstairs bedrooms so that we would have a master "dressing room" with more storage. (Great house, tiny closets.) We took an easy and inexpensive approach at the time: two bi-fold doors set about 4 feet from the knee wall, with one long closet rod installed near the front of the closet. This was fine for the short-term, but we are not really making the most of the space. There is plenty of room in the back of the closet--where we put some free-standing shelves for shoes and pants--but it is difficult to rummage around to get at the things in the back because we have to push past all of the hanging clothes in the front.

I would love to install a neat closet organization system that will help my husband and I to make the most of this valuable space. The knee wall is 5 ft high, and the closet is 11 ft long by almost 4 ft deep.

I look forward to receiving the community's suggestions!