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    Question Removing Carpet Pad Adhesive

    One bedroom in our house had shag carpeting from probably the late 60s or 70s (think calico cat colored).

    The carpet came up very easily, but the carpet pad is glued to the hardwood floor underneath. We’ve managed to s c r a p e all the fuzzy padding away, but are now left with a glued-on plastic-like layer over the hardwood (in a few areas, small bits were unglued so we could peel up bits of this layer, but nothing more than a square inch or two).

    Does anyone have advice on how to remove that? Is there a solvent of some sort? We were able to sand it off in one very small area, but it gums up the sandpaper very quickly. I’d like to find another way.

    I’m not sure the hardwood is salvageable, but I’d like to get the layer of plastic stuff off before we put new flooring in the room if possible.
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    Default Re: Removing Carpet Pad Adhesive

    Try a heat gun, one small area at a time. Since you don't know what glue was used, be very cautious: fumes, waste, etc.

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