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    Unhappy Crown Molding in Cape Cod upstairs bedroom

    Hi all, I really need some assistance here. I am a first time home owner and am also not a carpenter by trade. If you can help, please speak in lamens terms so I can understand.

    I bought a 1972 Cape Cod home. I took on the project of installing Crown Molding on the entire main level. After some frustrations, I was able to acquire the skill and finished the main level no problem- angles and all.

    Now the frustrating part: The Upstairs! The bedrooms in this Cape Cod has slanted ceilings. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with them, but they are an absolute pain when it comes to angles. I can post a picture if need be. Anyways, I tried for two hours last night to figure out the angle that runs into the 45 degree wall, and then the angle for the piece that comes off that wall and heads the other way. As I mentioned earlier, I installed crown on an entire level of my home at many different angles, and I tried every one of those angles, with coping, and so forth-no such luck.

    I should also note that I installed 4 1/4" Crown throughout the main level and I am simply using 1 1/2" Bed Mould to break the ceilings from the walls. It seems so simple because they are smaller pieces, but let me tell you, it isn't.

    Has anybody ever attempted this task? What angles am I looking at? How in the world can I get the corners to line up with a 45 degree downward angle?

    Please help!

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