My home is a Tudor inspired bungalow with a steeply pitched roof and at the front of the house, the roof slopes downward from the chimney to the archway that leads to the front door. The previous owner had someone install vinyl trim to the house (or maybe they did it themselves, I don't know) and instead of using one long piece of trim that was curved to fit the roofline, the installer used short overlapping pieces of trim. From a distance it looks okay, but up close all that you can see are these hideous, dark seams every twelve inches or so where the two pieces of vinyl meet. I don't have the money to replace the trim, but I'd like to add some curb appeal to the house. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can disguise these joints so that they look more seamless? Can I caulk the joint and paint over it, or will that make it look even more crummy?