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    Default Replace tub with a shower stall

    I have a bathroom that is 5 feet wide and a tub at the far end of room. The tub is made of steel and I am removing the drywall. How do I lift or turn the tub to get out of the room. Do I have to saw the tub in half to get it out?

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    Default Re: Replace tub with a shower stall

    Tubs are usually installed during the rough framing phase of construction, that is to say, bare studs. If you're removing the sheetrock, the tub should come out relatively easily, where it may bind is going through the door. If the tub won't fit through the door, then you'll either have to remove the door and/or frame or cut the tub. If it's cast iron instead of steel, then a few well place smacks with a heavy hammer will break it into pieces. Whether you cut it or smash it, be sure to wear protective clothing, gloves, and face/ear protection.
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    Default Re: Replace tub with a shower stall

    The spout/drain side is normally the deep side of the tub and if you cannot lift that side and stand the, normally 18, tub and slide it out the door, than we usually just cut the studs and replace them after removing the tub.
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    Default Re: Replace tub with a shower stall

    Like Spruce alluded to, remove some sheetrock 2' out and up, as your going to run into the same issue installing the base but you wont be able to cut it in half.


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