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    Question Offsetting main stack...can it be done?

    OK...old house with the main stack located directly beneath the Center Beam of the house (24' foursquare 1880)

    Of course the previous plumbing gurus drilled the main and waste stacks (the main comes up out of the basement floor and has a Y that runs up to grab the waste from the first and second floor bathrooms) directly through the 12" hand hewn beam that holds up the center of the house. They carved out both sides of the beam leaving about an inch of beam holding the mess up and it's severely fractured...as you can imagine.

    I have three options:

    1: route the stack at an angle away from the beam and then up, supporting it before it goes up through the first floor...Is this legal per code?
    2: keep the stack where it is and place support beams on both sides of the fractured beam spending countless hours moving plumbing, hvac, gas lines and the rest to place the beams...not to mention the fact the basement ceiling is 6' and I'm 6'4 so putting in 8"LVL's will give me 5'4
    3. Dig up the basement and move the stack...is this a DIY job with the city plumbing in mind?

    Thank you so much for your help...
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