I'm getting conflicting information surrounding prepping and painting over a previously painted concrete floor. Here's the situation: Iíve got a concrete basement floor that's been previously painted multiple times with what appear to be different types of paint. Some areas were bare concrete, some areas have what appears to be two different coats of 50's or 60ís vintage epoxy paint that are pretty well adhered. The previous HO decided to spray a coat of cheap latex paint over the whole mess. Even something as simple as a combination of spilled water and boot scuffs is causing the last layer of latex to come off. I've started to use a water based (non methylene chloride) based concrete and masonry paint remover to remove the layers. Its working slowly but itís a ton of work and is giving me very uneven results. Whatís the best method to prepare the floor for an eventual coat (or coats) of epoxy or other concrete paint? Are there specific cleaners and or primers to use? Does this whole mess need to be stripped back to bear concrete? Iíve heard that sanding with a course grit will suffice. Unfortunately pressure washing the area isnít the option because a good chunk of it is in a finished space.