Hey...have an old Balloon Framed baby and have a few questions.

One: The house is gutted to studs and I'm going to be insulating before putting DW up. I plan on putting an inch of rigid foam then some fiberglass batts as there is no way we can afford the huge money for spray foam. We plan on putting some more rigid on the outside before re-siding in a year of so. Any problems you can see with this approach?

There is an addition that went on in the 50's that is our kitchen. It has a full basement and a hip roof with very litle insulation. I like the look of plain board ceiling and plan to remove the lath and plaster and place boards on the top of the ceiling joists and then insulation above that. What should I use as an air/dust/vapor barrier between the boards and the insulation. I was thinking tar paper maybe? I do not plan on using TNG..just nailing 1x6 boards to the joists.

Thanks much in advance