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    Default Thomasville Cabinets Home Depot

    I've heard a lot of things about the Thomasville cabinets sold at Home Depot. For example I read that some people receive cabinets that are made badly and don't fit together well when it comes to putting them up. Anyone with experience with Thomasville cabinets? Would Ikea cabinets be a better choice?

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    Default Re: Thomasville Cabinets Home Depot

    I don't know about Thomasville, but I got a really nice KraftMaid 60" vanity 3 or 4 years ago from HD. Also a surface-mount medicine cabinet. No problems with it at all.

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    Default Re: Thomasville Cabinets Home Depot

    I just had Thomasville Cabinets from HD installed last week. I ordered Blakley-maple in white. The construction of the boxes and doors seem very sturdy/solid and other than a few paint touch-ups (thin spots from the factory) the pieces were delivered in great shape. For a semi-custom cabinet I got a very customized kitchen; the kitchen planners at HD can alter the shape/depth of most of the basic wall and base cabinets.
    A friend recommended that I use the HD installers because, they are responsible for any missteps on installation. While they are more $$$ he did a great job but, I really think a good finish carpenter would do just fine. Overall I am pleased with the quality.

    Make sure you catch a promo/sale I saved 10% off of the list price.

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    Default Re: Thomasville Cabinets Home Depot

    Thomadville cabinets are a decent middle of the road cabinet. i have no complaints about them. occasionally something has to be returned or replaced but that can happen with higher quality cabinets also.

    i have to advise against ikea. they're very cheaply made and i can't remember ever doing an ikea kitchen without returning something at least once or twice. they are easy to install and look nice when they're new but they can NOT take a beating like most cabinets do.

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