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    Default Uneven floors and baseboards-foundation or sill issues?

    I hope this is the correct area to list this issue.
    I'm looking to buy an old wood framed foursquare,built around 1910. I've been through it a few times now,and the price is right. It is a foreclosed property,so of coarse it is sold "as is",so I need to do my homework here.
    I've lived in older homes my whole life so I know uneven floors are common. This house has me puzzled though. The main beam in the basement (I believe an 8x8")sags in the center,but not too bad. I'd guess about 3" drop from sill to center of beam. Now if I go to the center of the house on the 1st floor all the floors slant away from the middle of the house (where the chimney is). On the second floor,in the middle of the house, the floors slant even more than the 1st floor. On top of this the baseboard trim and door jambs on the 1st floor are pulled away from the wood floors in the center of the house.
    So beam in basement sags in the middle of the house,floors are HIGH in the middle of the house,trim/jambs even higher yet.
    How can this be? Can it be fixed? Does it NEED to be fixed? I could live with it if it is stable,but I don't want to invest in a house with issues that are a red flag and will get worse.
    Thanks for any help.

    I tried to post pics,but my post count is too low. I can E-mail them if needed I guess.
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