I live in New England,(Massachusetts)and will be needing a new boiler soon.
* the house is 110 years old and very small (800 sq ft)
* I'm about to retire and it's only me in the house
* It's in a very rural area,no natural gas available
* currently using fuel oil & Weil Mclain boiler (with a
tankless coil for the hot water)
*House is in decent shape,new roof,new insulation in attic

My question is which fuel to choose.My oil man has recently got into the propane business as well as oil.He's a small company and great to work with.
He told me that propane is is less per gallon than oil(about $2.70 propane vs $3.70 oil),but would need more propane to get the same btu's as oil.
Also said that with my small house and only one person,I could get by with a couple of 120 pound tanks.

Would the very high effiency of some of the gas boilers and less cleaning charges as compared to oil offset the extra gallons needed to heat the house,and would there be a savings?
I hate being a captive to the seemingly never ending escalation of fuel oil prices.
I also wonder how either would affect the resale if I decideed to sell the house.

Any thoughts or comments either positive or negative would be apprecaited. Thanks all