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    Default Re-seal Garage Floor


    I sealed my garage floor around 11 years ago with an epoxy sealer you get at the big box stores. In the last couple years, the coating has started to come off on the edges of the concrete and where the tires rest when the vehicles are parked. This winter I've started to see where the salt crystals are growing from the exposed concrete.

    I would like to reseal the garage floor, but am unsure on the following:

    1. How do I prep the surface? Do I need to get the salt out of the concrete as well as get the oil from where the tires rest out of the concrete as well? Do I need to rough up the remaining epoxy so the new coating will adhere?


    2. Is there a better product that I can use that will seal over the existing floor and epoxy coating?


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    Default Re: Re-seal Garage Floor


    Eleven years is a good run for any floor coating!Where you see signs of leeching from the concrete, You should would wash it down with a little mild acid. Packetes of acid crystals are sold by the companies that make the epoxy kits.

    It certainly would not hurt to scuff up the surface, especially if you have the high gloss version. If t is the low sheen variety, merely washing it down with TSP should suffice. Of course, it should be clean in any event.

    The new coat of epoxy is compatible with the old coat.

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    Default Re: Re-seal Garage Floor

    Some Gunk oil remover (or other similar product) should probably be used on any oil stains before you add another coat of paint.

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