We have a stucco exterior on our house, which is 9 years old. We had a moisture inspection performed and some moisture was found under a few windows; the inspector did not probe anywhere other than under the windows. We have no internal signs of problems.

Based upon what the inspector could see from the uncovered backs of the windows in our attic, he believes that all of our windows were installed incorrectly. He did not inspect soffits, etc., to determine if there were any other possibly points of entry for water.

We have been meeting with contractors and the general consensus seems to be that simply fixing the "bad" windows by pulling them out isn't likely to staunch the moisture because we aren't certain the windows are the only sources of entry for moisture. Moreover, ripping out a window and reinstalling it, even with proper flashing, pans, etc., is creating a patch, which conceivably could create a new point of entry for water. In a nutshell, we've been told the only real long-term option is to tear off all of our siding and have it redone, to the tune of nearly $100,000.

I know that bad building practices re: stucco and/or windows are a nationwide issue and the common advice is to rip everything off and start over. My question is whether this really is the only option. Would caulking along the roof line and all windows make a difference? Is replacing the windows on an individual basis truly not effective? Any thoughts/suggestions for other avenues of possible remediation?