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    Default Re: How to replace a single-handle shower faucet with a double-handled unit?

    Exactly John, that is why I am asking why do they make it so you can't control the pressure or have the ability just to use cold. Just doesn't make sense. If you want to fill a bucket of cold water in the upstairs bathroom you can't use the sink and the tub uses both hot and cold. Or if you want to slowly run the hot water in the shower you can't. It is always the on the highest pressure. I don't have experience in plumbing so I can not see the reasoning behind not being able to control the hot and cold water separately. I just hear about scalding but then why is there the anti-scalding device hooked to my water heater that mixes cold right there. I am looking for something that makes sense. And not being able to control the pressure of the hot water does not make any what so ever. They talk about not wasting water isn't that more important then having 2 checks against scalding? Again I am asking because I don't do plumbing. Is there a device that you can add so that the hot can come out slow? Not one of those low flow things, I want something so it just drips if I want that. Mainly for filling things.

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    Default Re: How to replace a single-handle shower faucet with a double-handled unit?

    [QUOTE=Bemmy;289850]I wanted to learn how to do this. I hate having to use hot water when I only want cold. I have an anti scald device installed at my hot water heater. Why do I need one on my shower/tub too? Why would this be illegal or even so hard to do? These single handle ones cost so much money to use always having to heat water when all you really want is the cold. Also they are always leaking with so many moving parts and hard to fix. Any ideas at all on this? Please don't repeat that it is illegal as I stated I have the anti scald device installed at the tank[/QUOTEI

    If you want to go from a single handle shower faucet to two handles, just get a two handle faucet and do it. They are still sold on line and other outlets, legal or not. But don't tell them I sent you.

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    Default Re: How to replace a single-handle shower faucet with a double-handled unit?

    Quote Originally Posted by gilbikerider View Post
    Thank you,guys, for your responses.
    I am aware of the code and I happen to really think it is a truly silly and useless code.My wife and I are in our late fifties and neither of us can recall ever going to the emergency room because we got scalded in the shower, for God's sakes!

    I/we resented being required to install this when I built my house and now that is is going bad I want to replace it with something that my wife and I are more comfortable using.

    Anyways, if anybody has a lead on this cover plate that I need, please let me know.
    I will take the rap and serve my time in plumbing jail if I should get caught by the anti-scald police.
    I share your pain, isn't it nice that we've legislated Darwinism out of our society?

    You may not be subject to water pressure changes with your supply, but a good majority of the populace is, the anti-scald devices are there to prevent burns in the event of a pressure fluctuation, from say, a flushed toilet or other faucet being used while you're in the shower. Annoying as all these "safety" things can be, you can usually adjust them to your liking. I'll let you read between the lines of that statement.
    I suffer from CDO ... Its like OCD, but in alphabetical order, LIKE IT SHOULD BE!!!

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