Hi, I have a vacation home that I primarily use in the summers (it's on the coast). I have a hot water boiler heating system. I generally keep the place "open" during the winter (this is in the mid-Atlantic). I installed an alarm/relay "system" that alerts me via phone if the temperature in the place falls below a set point, etc. It also allows me to toggle between two thermostats (via the phone) so I can turn the heat on if there's a danger of a hard freeze, etc. The system has worked great except I'd like better control over the heat function in the event I want to visit the place during the winter (ie set the heat via a smartphone, etc. rather than toggle between off and a set temperature: 54 degrees ). I've been researching the Internet programmable thermostats (ie Nest, etc.) and am finding that there are a fair amount of them out there. Some of them appear to be problematic. I'm looking for one that would be reliable AND with fewer bells and whistles (ie I don't need it to "learn" my heating/cooling habits etc.). Any recommendations by anyone who's tried any of these?