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    Default cleaning adhesive from ceramic soap dish

    I want to reuse ceramic soap dish that has fallen off the vanity.
    It has alot of adhesice on back. Must all of the adhesive be removed from ceramic soap dish so I can reuse it? How to best remove this adhesive?
    Thanks so much

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    Default Re: cleaning adhesive from ceramic soap dish

    If you want a nice straight, good looking installation, use a clean (like new) dish.

    Cleaning an old soap dish is a bit risky: one wrong move and the thing cracks. Use a chisel or a grinder, with a lot of patience.

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    Default Re: cleaning adhesive from ceramic soap dish

    Like DJ said, chisel and hammer and a lot of patience and care. The glue does not have to be perfectly cleaned off, but it does need to be enough for the dish to fit back in place properly AND have space for the new mastic that you will used to hold it in place.

    Hope to be successful, expect to fail in your cleaning attempt of the soap dish. I've cleaned a few, I've also broken a few. Wear protective gear and work carefully and safely.
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