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    Question Draining "frost-free" hose bibbs

    I realize I should be smarter than the equipment... but for the second time in 18 years I've left the hose attached to the frost-free hose bibb (leaving water in the downstream part of the bibb), and when we had a hard freeze, the bibb ruptured - soaking the house when I turned on the hose.

    Last time, I bought a device that screwed onto the hose bibb, and the hose then screwed onto the device. It was brass, and had an automatic relief valve of some sort. When the water was turned on, it passed into the hose - but when the water was turned off, the water left in the barrel of the hose bibb (downstream of the valve) automatically drained through slots in the circumference of the device, preventing freezing of the "frost-free" bibb. No manual adjustment was required each time. Of course, when I moved I left it behind.

    Does anyone know what this device is, and where to find it?
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    Default Re: Draining "frost-free" hose bibbs

    Much cheaper and easier to just unscrew the hose..... Not all that difficult. Most bibs are high enough to leave enough air space that it is not an issue even if they are left connected.

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    Default Re: Draining "frost-free" hose bibbs

    Most hose bibs have anti-siphon devises built in nowdays, that might help. I left a hose attached during a recent coldsnap only to find a large icicle hanging down from the bib. Nothing burst though the hose was frozen solid.
    I always just disconnect the hose in the winter after I use it and let it drain out. That way I can wash the salt off my car on the occasional 35 degree day without having to wait for the hose to thaw.

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    Default Re: Draining "frost-free" hose bibbs

    You want a self-draining atmospheric vacuum breaker (also known as an anti-siphon). Make sure you get the self-draining kind; many are not. Here's one that works just like you want:

    Arrowhead Brass Products Self-Draining Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker 59- Hose Thread, 59ABP
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