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    Default Deck footings in wet land / on lake

    I am a local contractor in northern Indiana. One of my clients recently purchased a lake house and wants to add a 20'x16 deck off the lake side of the home. The soil is VERY moist and the water table is high. What steps do I need to take to insure stable post footing for my deck? I have built many decks but none on the lake or in soil this wet. Thank you for your help!

    Daniel Dewey

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    Default Re: Deck footings in wet land / on lake

    I am not a structural engineer, nor do I live anywhere where soil can often be saturated, but since it has been 4 days & no replies, I would suggest that you study pier networks for your inspiration. Fishing and boat piers I believe have footers set very deeply and the posts are cross-braced below the deck for rigidity. Maybe that is a starting point.

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