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    Default Regrouting Solid Surface Countertop

    The solid surface countertop in my bathroom has a backsplash attached to the countertop by some type of adhesive or grout. Over the past few years, the adhesive has discolored and now looks orange and dirty. What I'd like to know is how can I remove the backsplash and clean the adhesive off, then reinstall it with new fresh adhesive. What product would avoid this problem in the future? Thanks for your tips.

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    Default Re: Regrouting Solid Surface Countertop

    it should be and probably is just caulking. grout usually doesn't turn orange, caulking does. you can use a razor blade to remove it then buy some color matching mold resistant caulking and put that on. just make sure that the seam is clean and DRY prior to recaulking it.

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    Default Re: Regrouting Solid Surface Countertop

    Trying to remove the back splash might cause it to break. The proper way is to do what MLB said.

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