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    Unhappy Adding concrete step to existing stoop....

    For an outbuilding-turning-into-a-studio with concrete floor, I have added sleeper floor of 2X4s over visqueen, with the joists then covered with plywood. This has (obviously) raised the floor, and the concrete stoop outside was lower than original floor, anyway.

    I think the safest thing (and what some codes require?) is an initial riser that's as deep as the door is wide...which keeps people from tumbling out your front door and onto their face.

    Can't quite achieve that here, but am adding a wide concrete step, at least, on top of what exists now.

    MY QUESTION (and yes, I do have one) - -

    1.) Will new step naturally adhere to existing concrete below (which is somewhat naturally pitted)


    2.) Can I use any of pictured rebars to re-enforce it? How? Does it do anything at all to fill step halfway with thick concrete, lay bars in some pattern, and fill to top, then smooth? (I'm sure that just gave some perfectionists a heart attack. Sorry.)

    Or, would you drill holes in existing concrete, stand shortened rebars in holes, then fill...hoping those would keep new step from drifting?

    I'm realizing I hadn't quite thought this through, entirely : (

    Will try to attach pic, as well...sometimes site doesn't let me...
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