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    Question Painting builtins out of plywood

    I'm working on a builtin bookcase, and am using poplar veneer plywood. I have cut all the pieces and now am painting. Do I have to paint the entire board or only the part that is visible? I am concerned about warping. Does plywood warp if it's not painted?

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    Default Re: Painting builtins out of plywood

    I think you should prime and paint the entire thing.

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    Yes plywood warps in time with exposure to humidity. If your shelf gets soaking wet, even hardwood plywood will warp badly & peel apart. Painting or staining is your personal choice for the look you want. Poplar will be very smooth and capable of glossy finish so you should use a high quality synthetic brush or it will show lines. Use a natural bristle, quality brush if you stain. Poplar is a "soft" wood, porous so if you stain, first apply a coat of conditioner to keep it from looking mottled. If you paint, apply a primer (tinting it will help speed things) and apply as many coats as gets the look you want. To retard moisture, you can apply an oil-base top coat. If this shelf will get alot of use and you want less maintenance, apply two coats of polyurethane.

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