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    Default Where to find items from the show

    I just saw Season 11: Ep. 16 of Ask This Old House, and after the TV install they were running through different outlet types. I'm interested in the ones with built in LED / night lights. Is there someone who knows what make / brand they are?


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    Default Re: Where to find items from the show

    Most likely they're Leviton, as that is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical devices. Google is your friend.
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    Default Re: Where to find items from the show

    Scott showed three outlets with built-in nightlights. The nightlight with a down light cover is the RNLS-4, manufactured by American Lighting. The large LED nightlight is model number TM8HWL-TRWCC6 and the GFCI/nightlight combination outlet is model number 1595NTLTRWCC4, both also manufactured by Pass & Seymour.

    Link to show info.

    Link to show info.
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