1. New alcove acrylic tub placed on mortar bed two weeks ago by plumber.

2. Contractor did not screw tile flange of tub against the studs. Completed putting Hardibacker up around tub surround.

3. Tub was fine a few days ago when I stepped in it.

4. Stepped in tub this am to measure for tile and it moved, squeaked and made much noise.

Could the tub come loose after it was placed on the mortar bed? There is a 1/6 of an inch gap along the edges of the tub and the subfloor. The gap was there even when the tub was not squeaking (the day after the mortar set).

The contractor is blaming the plumber for not having the tile flange screwed in.

What is a housewife to do? Any thoughts? They are going to blame me for this one and I am going to end up spending more money to get it fixed.